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Improve User Onboarding by Monitoring your Competitors [Actionable Guide]

Improve User Onboarding by Monitoring your Competitors [Actionable Guide]
Competition Monitoring has a plenty of use cases. Certainly, it can help you to improve user onboarding and attract more customers. Do you know that competitors' are the core of every business? And that carefully conducting your competitors' research is actually going to save your [...]

Improve SEO with 5 Best Ways and Tips

Improve SEO with 5 best ways and tips
Even if you had the best and the highest quality service in your niche, the absence of success may occur if your competition ‘swallows’ you. Given that the market is overloaded, it’s important to distinguish yourself from the crowd. If you intend to place your [...]

Best Marketing Automation Tools for your Business

Best Marketing Automation Tools for your Business
Marketing automation has been a popular topic for a while now, yet not everyone seems to be taking full advantage of it. As advanced tools become more and more available, it’s only a matter of time before automation completely changes the way marketers work. It [...]

Attracting customers – 4 strategies for your startup

Attracting customers - 4 strategies for your startup
Attracting customers and generating leads has always been a hard job. After months and months of trying, we’re thinking that our tool isn’t good enough, and then we’re rebuilding it and saying to ourselves: “I will acquire them as soon as I finish this feature”. [...]

Best Social Media Trends to follow in 2019

Best Social Media Trends to follow in 2019
Another year is behind us. This year was very turbulent, and we have seen a lot of new trends coming and popping up in Social Media Marketing. If you want your business to succeed in 2019. there are several new marketing trends you should follow. [...]

13 Best free tools to manage and grow your startup

Founding your startup can be hard and challenging. Exhausting and time-consuming. The biggest reason why startups very often isn't a bad idea. It's a lack of knowledge and experience. That's the reason why we have created a list of the best free tools you can [...]

5 Best ways to create a killer competitive advantage

All of us have something in common – we have competitors. And sometimes, how will we beat them and create a competitive advantage is our biggest concern. I talked with several professionals and experienced CEOs and CMOs in their industries. All of them shared their [...]

CEOs Playbook: Ultimate guide on how to beat your competition

The 13 minutes you will spend reading this will probably be the best investment you have made today! Why? Because you will learn how to compete and beat your competition, be better than them and scale your business! Few weeks before I started writing this [...]

Competitive research. Why it’s so important and how to do it.

No matter are you starting a new business, or you already have established one. Competitive research is a must! Everyone has some “mortal enemies” and “desirable customers”. In this article, you will learn: How to do your Competitive research How to monitor your competitors on [...]

Creating a Competitive Edge to Outmaneuver the Competition

Let’s face it, today’s competitive landscape is fierce. Every aspect of a business is getting harder, and the costs associated with keeping ahead of the competition isn’t going down any time soon. Yet despite the challenges that await you in the digital market, focusing on [...]