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Five Ways Your Competitor Is Using Instant Messaging Options to Improve Their Customer Success

Five Ways Your Competitor Is Using Instant Messaging Options to Improve Their Customer Success
(header image: People vector created by pch.vector – If there is anything that’s become apparent in 2020, it’s the fact that customers are demanding more in terms of ease of purchase, speed of delivery, and personalized communication. Businesses (including your competitors) that take advantage [...]

How can LinkedIn Outreach Automation help you get ahead of your Competitors?

How can LinkedIn Outreach Automation help you get ahead of your Competitors?
Are you new to LinkedIn? Your competitors aren’t for sure. Maybe you fiddle with it from time to time. Or you are well into the league, has grown over time into an active user with tons of conversations, a truckload of connections, and other invitations [...]

How To Do A Competitor Analysis In 2021

How To Do A Competitor Analysis In 2021
Unless you are running a monopoly, your business is highly likely to operate in a competitive market. An effective competitor monitoring strategy is an integral part of running a business. It helps a business to adapt to changes and developments in the business environment it [...]

CASE STUDY: BIGMAILER maintains its competitive advantage with Competitors App

“Well built product and incredible value.” – Lilia Tovbin, Founder, DOMAIN DETAILS BigMailer is an email marketing platform, optimized for agencies and makers, that runs on top of Amazon SES. GOALS Monitor and keep up to date with competitor’s prices and price changes; Detect [...]

3 Reasons to Monitor Your Competitors’ Ads

The Google Search results page is a highly competitive marketplace, and spying on your competitors’ Google Ads helps you to see precisely how they craft their pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and understand what they’re up to. Those insights are helpful when you build a campaign and [...]

Competitive Intelligence Apps To Try in 2020

Building and maintaining a competitive advantage is a challenge, especially in today’s fast-moving business world and in such a highly competitive landscape. To succeed in the digital market, you have to bring value, stay relevant, and have 360 degrees-vision around you to capture every move [...]

Track website changes to build a strategic competitive advantage

There are many “to do-s” on the list when creating a business, but there are also a couple of key points that are vital for brands in today’s digital marketplace, and the most important one is to position the brand online. A website helps companies [...]

Trello vs. Asana Marketing Strategies

There’s a big chance to come across Trello and Asana while haunting for the best-fit project management tool for your tasks, isn’t it? Choosing the right project management software for your business can be a challenge, especially in such a competitive market. Still, today’s goal [...]

How To Build a Competitive Digital Marketing Strategy in 2020?

More than 290,000 published statuses and more than 136,000 photos are uploaded on Facebook every 60 seconds. More than 500 million people post on Instagram Stories every day, over 350,000 tweets are tweeted every minute, and more than 40,000 people are searching on Google each second. [...]

CASE STUDY: Jewelry Brand stays relevant to the market

DOMAIN DETAILS   Designer jewelry brand, leading the way in demi-fine contemporary jewelry GOALS Monitor competitors’ Social Media channels and get insights on their content strategies (the type of content; most-used channel; frequency of posts) Uncover competitors’ email marketing strategies (learn when competitors are sending [...]

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