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Why is time important in every business?

‘Time Waits For No One’, it’s the name of a song sang Freddie Mercury in 1986. It may sound like a cliché, but the phrase finds its meaning nowadays, in the century of speed and technology, where science has a rapid evolution. The truth is [...]

Why you should NOT ignore your competitors

To ignore or not to ignore your competitors? That’s the big question that can change the whole game, especially in business. Investigating what your competitors are doing or not, figuring out what they plan, what will be their next move, and analyzing their strategies could [...]

Slack Notifications, Youtube, Reviews Monitoring, Zapier (September Updates)

📌 Get your competitors’ updates on Slack! 📲 We know how important it is to be connected with your competitors’ updates and to receive notifications about their actions just in time so you can make decisions for your good.  You’ll not receive competitors’ updates only [...]

How to do competitor analysis effectively?(Q&A)

What’s a competitive analysis and its purpose? When it comes to business, there are some essential steps to be done to start building from the beginning a solid foundation for your brand. Learning as much as possible and as soon as possible about your competitors [...]

Competitor finder & new timeline filters

When it comes to developing new features, at Competitors App, we rely on our users’ feedback, and we’re always trying to facilitate their process of monitoring competitors’ marketing activities. Here are our latest platform features: Ignore new web page alerts from timeline Ignore any new [...]

8 Instagram Growth Hacks to Crush Down Your Sales

  It seems like every little thing has something to do with the numbers, don’t you think? The answer is probably somewhere in between. When it comes to the quality products or services, the new people who visit your Instagram profile certainly bring a more [...]

5 Unique ways to recapture competitor’s customers

Have you ever thought about how, no matter how hard you tried to make a better product or service, people are still not able to find out about you? The market is overwhelming, and competition is enormous. You spend your budget on commercials, but conversions [...]

How to win more customers with competitor comparisons landing page

I bet you’ve already spent many hours crafting an ingenious landing page to make it convert like there is no tomorrow. And chances are this hard-won page still doesn’t show results you seek to. We’ve all been here, am I right?   However, it’s not [...]

Should you follow competitors on Instagram?

With more than 1bn monthly active users, Instagram has quickly grown to become one of the most popular platforms out there and probably is one of the most promising for businesses and marketers. As important as your website homepage, your Instagram account is the best [...]

How we’ve got 1000+ upvotes on ProductHunt

After more than a year of work and 1500+ users that helped us improve, last week (Thursday 25th) we officially launched Competitors App on Product Hunt (PH) As Răzvan (Founder & CEO Competitors App) posted on his Facebook account, being featured on PH is a significant [...]

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