About us

Competitors App is an international startup founded in 2018, by Razvan Girmacea, entrepreneur and ex-founder and CEO of Monitor Backlinks (2011-2017). 

The idea of this project, the development of an all in one platform through which businesses can monitor competitors’ activities was soon after the launch validated by THINK Accelerate, the Swedish business accelerator. In 2018, Competitors App was selected in a twelve-week global accelerator program with an international mentor network and workshops led by experts from industry and tailored coaching in Sweden. 

After months of business counseling and mentoring, Competitors App was taken to the next level, becoming a promising startup and a long-term business project, in 2019 obtaining financing from the EU for European Startups and Entrepreneurs.

Our main office is in Romania, but our team members are all working remotely from different parts of the world, sharing the same values and being connected to reaching our goal, to develop a complete monitoring tool and to improve constantly the product to satisfy users’ needs.

When developing and improving Competitors App, we strongly rely on the feedback of our users – they know best what they need, so we hope to rely on your support and your trust in the long-term.

Competitors App SRL is a start-up financed from European Funds within România Start Up Plus through Start-up@CENTRU (ID 105851).

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Monitor competitor website changes
You can get alerted when your competitors are making changes to their website.

Find competitor keywords
Finding your competitors’ keywords is essential for your business. It means that you focus your entire website on targeting high volume, quality keywords.

Track Social Media Pages
Social media competitive analysis is the constant monitoring and analyzing the moves of your competition on social media.

Competitor Email Monitoring
Tracking your competitors’ emails takes some time, but it’s well worth it!

How to do competitor analysis
One important step is to conduct an effective competitive analysis to evaluate your competitors’ brands.