See samples of competitors' actions

Check out our Weekly Dashboard Report to have a clear understanding of what you can expect.


Timeline items of competitors' activity

Have a clear view and understanding of everything that's going on with your competitors' activities. Quickly navigate through their updates, marketing campaigns and monitor social media, newsletters, keyword rankings, website changes, and reviews.

New Competitors Detection

Be the first to know about every competitor who pops up on the market. Competitors App will automatically detect new competitors and inform you through email - allowing you to take different actions based on the insights we gather.

New Google Ads

Quickly discover and monitor all of your competitors' PPC campaigns and gather all the insights you need to create better Google Ad campaigns.

Social Media Updates

Forget about constantly navigating through your competitors' social media accounts or screenshotting and saving their posts. Now you receive all your competitors' social media updates on your timeline, in real-time and with no effort. Each time when your competitors post something, you'll get notified so you'll not skip a single post. Gathering relevant insights on your competitors' social media activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Linkedin helps you to improve your campaigns.

Keywords Ranking

Having better keyword ranking than your competitors' is crucial. What if we say to you, that you can monitor their keyword rankings all the time? Understanding competitors' keyword activities will help you to focus your SEO and backlink building efforts where you need the most.

Website Changes

Don't bother yourself with day-to-day scrolling through your competitors' websites anymore! Whenever your competitor make some big website change (changing CTA button for example), we will automatically notify you through email!

SEO Changes

Easily keep-an-eye on your competitors' SEO efforts. Whenever your competitors make some change that will affect their SEO (like changing blog post title or focusing another keyword), you will be the first to know about!

New Web Pages Detection

What if your competitor created a "[your company] vs [your competitor]" - detailed comparision page a while back on their website, but you didn't notice it? This is really important to know as soon as they created it. We will automatically detect new competitors' pages for you - whether they are dedicated features pages or FAQ. Be the first to know everything!

Newsletters and Account Emails

You don't need to be subscribed to your competitors' newsletters anymore. Competitors App monitors your competitors' newsletters for you, and show them immediately on your timeline. Be the first to know about your competitor's new actions, bonuses, and updates - even before their subscribers and customers.

New Blog Post

Easily discover your competitors' content marketing strategies and be ready to craft better content or create competitive advantages based on the insights!

Slack Notifications

All your competitors updates can be sent directly to a chosen Slack channel, so you'll not skip a single move. You'll be notified each time a competitor makes an action or receives a review.

Facebook Ads

See on your timeline every time when a competitor is running Facebook ads. Keeping an eye on your competitors' Facebook Ads helps to figure out what's working and what's not working for you. If you see that competition Ads. are successful, then you might look to implement something similar yourself.


Gathering all your competitors' reviews in a single place can be hard work. Competitors App monitors more than 60 reviews sites and shows on your timeline every time when a competitor receives a review, so you can be aware of competitors' online reputation and see what people say online about your competitors' products and services.

Full White-label

Tired of downloading and forwarding reports to your clients? Our full white-label feature available only for Agency plan, with a custom domain and client login, allows you to give access to your clients to see their own dashboards and reports on your very own custom domain.

All reports sent through these features can be personalized (brand details, logo/name) and send automatically to your clients' emails.

Were you spending hours per week constantly navigating through your competitors’ websites, social media feeds, but still gathering poor insights about their campaigns? Don’t do it anymore!

Start using a monitoring tool that does the job for you and get notified each time when a competitor makes a move.

All these features will just take a few minutes a week to process!

You will receive daily and weekly reports with your competition activity!

Check out our Weekly Dashboard Report to have a clear understanding of what you can expect from Competitors App.