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CASE STUDY: BIGMAILER maintains its competitive advantage with Competitors App

“Well built product and incredible value.” – Lilia Tovbin, Founder,


BigMailer is an email marketing platform, optimized for agencies and makers, that runs on top of Amazon SES.


  • Monitor and keep up to date with competitor’s prices and price changes;
  • Detect each time when competitors add new features or characteristics to its services ;
  • Build a stable competitive advantage.


“I have competitor comparison articles with pricing+feature comparison tables that I need to keep up-to-date, so this service saves me manual work and time needed to check competitor sites.”  – Lilia Tovbin, Founder,


With Competitors App, BigMailer’s team can spot competitors’ website changes as pricing change, new web pages added, as well as SEO changes. The team needed a tool that can help them to easily get into competitors’ website updates and changes.

My favorite feature is the highlight of the web page change with before/after comparison – that is so helpful for ease/speed of review when keeping tabs on multiple competitors.”Lilia Tovbin, Founder,


Being an active online presence willing to build a strong competitive advantage and to overcome competitors’ strategies, the Bigmailer team wanted to save hours of manual competitive research and focus more on actionable decisions. The possibility to receive email alerts and notifications each time when a competitor updated their pricing or added new features allowed the team to save time and resources and to improve their website.

“With I get notified when my competitors update their pricing pages or add new services, so I can update our comparison pages. No manual VA work needed.” – Lilia Tovbin, Founder,


Bigmailer’s team needed a tool that can help them to automatically track competitors’ website changes and updates, saving time and resources. Also, the team wanted to monitor competition and easily get into the competitor’s action without the need to spend hours on the platform.

“Stable platform, easy to use UI, the richness of features, quick support via live chat. Great value. Lilia Tovbin, Founder,


CASE STUDY: Jewelry Brand stays relevant to the market



Designer jewelry brand, leading the way in demi-fine contemporary jewelry


  • Monitor competitors’ Social Media channels and get insights on their content strategies (the type of content; most-used channel; frequency of posts)
  • Uncover competitors’ email marketing strategies (learn when competitors are sending discounts; launching new campaigns or items)
  • Track competitors’ website changes (stay up-to-date when competitors launch new items/campaigns and gather data on competitors’ visual image and brand identity)



As a contemporary booming jewelry label, with seriously affordable prices and very recognizable items, the brand’s team wanted to have an overview of all competitors’ activities, starting with Social Media channels and websites.

The jewelry brand is delivering its products all over the world, so it was a struggle to get and track under the same umbrella all (more than 25) competitors’ moves. The team wanted to automatically track competitors’ moves and to have the possibility to analyze the data in a single place, with very little time investment and effort.

The brand’s Digital Coordinator has chosen Competitors App for two main reasons.
First was the ability to track competitors’ website changes, especially changes that occur on the front page, with the possibility to receive a notification in real-time, anytime when competitors launch a new campaign or a new product, rebrands the business’s identity, change the image of an iconic item and more.

Second is that the platform tracks automatically competitors’ newsletters and email accounts so the team will always be aware of competitors’ promotions, offers, campaigns and understand competition email strategies and how the audience is engaged, so they can take action.



Monitoring Social Media channels

With Competitors App, the jewelry brand, was able to monitor, in a single place, all competitors’ Social Media posts and received notifications each time a competitor was posting something new on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Moreover, the team saved hours of manual research consisting of navigating from a competitor’s profile to others to understand competitors’ content strategies.

Now, the team analyzes, for each competitor, Social Media activity, engagement details, posts frequency, type of content and get insights into their most popular and viral posts. Those insights allow the brand to make strategical decisions, to prioritize their efforts more efficiently and to see what could be improved, based on competitors’ examples and results.

Get competitors’ email strategies 

One important goal for the jewelry brand was to have the ability to automatically track competitors’ newsletters and email accounts and to organize the gathered data. With our advanced timeline filter, the team could select specific competitors, to see exactly their newsletters even from a chosen date.

Additionally, the team started to analyze each competitors’ newsletters’ content in two versions, screenshot, and HTML.

Track competitors’ website changes

Before using Competitors App, the jewelry brand’s team had difficulties in “screenshotting” all competitors’ website changes. Using Competitors App they were able to capture those changes in a single place, allowing them to analyze each change without effort. The “Before” and “After” option facilitated the whole process of searching/finding and analyzing a change, without the need to have technical skills.



After the Jewelry brand spotted trends among competitors, it was time to find a path to act differently and to gain visibility. Being aware of their content strategies on Social Media, the team understood better what the audience wants to see and what works for its competitors. Also, competitors’ newsletters gave directions on how the brand should further develop its brand image and helped them to spot new opportunities.


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