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5 Best ways to create a killer competitive advantage

All of us have something in common – we have competitors. And sometimes, how will we beat them and create a competitive advantage is our biggest concern. I talked with several professionals and experienced CEOs and CMOs in their industries. All of them shared their [...]

CEOs Playbook: Ultimate guide on how to beat your competition

The 13 minutes you will spend reading this will probably be the best investment you have made today! Why? Because you will learn how to compete and beat your competition, be better than them and scale your business! A few weeks before I started writing [...]

Competitive research. Why it’s so important and how to do it.

No matter are you starting a new business, or you already have established one. Competitive research is a must! Everyone has some “mortal enemies” and “desirable customers.” In this article, you will learn: How to do your Competitive research How to monitor your competitors on [...]

Creating a Competitive Edge to Outmaneuver the Competition

Let’s face it; today’s competitive landscape is fierce. Every aspect of a business is getting harder, and the costs associated with keeping ahead of the competition isn’t going down any time soon. Yet despite the challenges that await you in the digital market, focusing on [...]

Should You Start a New Business if there are many competitors in your market?

Starting a new business from scratch is one of the most independent, exciting pursuits you can undertake. Due to the sea of information and helpful tools available now, it is much easier to set up and run one, and much more fun. While you may [...]

5 Business Intelligence tool your business should use

In today’s increasingly competitive world, using business intelligence to understand the inner workings of your business in detail is what will propel you above your competition. But choosing the business intelligence tool that will work best for your business can be a long-winded and complicated [...]

SEO Tools to find your competitors’ keywords

Find your competitor keywords with our Free Competitors Keywords Finder Tool. The key to finding your competitors’ keywords Keywords, they’re the crux of any good search marketing campaign. It can be almost an art or a science to picking the right keywords. One way to [...]

Review and alternative websites to promote your startup

review alternative websites promote startup
Entrepreneurs tend to work on improving their product and not priorities for promoting their website after the launch of their startup. Some start building the product without even thinking how much effort does it take to attract visitors. “Build it, and they will come” … [...]

Use long tail keywords to beat your competition

long tail keywords competition
In the battle for keywords, many businesses end up losing out to bigger companies with larger budgets. But there is a way to beat them at pretty much their own game: long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are longer keyword phrases that are more specific and are [...]

New logo update to help my startup take shape

When I started Competitive.Business from scratch, it helps me to have a visual identity; it makes sure the colors used in the interface are balanced, according to the created brand, it helps insert small visual images that are brand-related (like the blue dot or the [...]

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