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As an agency, your success is closely tied to the success of your clients. With Competitors App, you can stay on top of your clients’ online business by keeping an eye on their competitors. Our platform provides you with real-time data on your clients’ competitors – from social media engagement to website traffic and internet presence. This information can help you develop winning strategies and land more clients. Join the hundreds of agencies who have already boosted their business with Competitors App.
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Competitors App is the all-in-one tool for keyword research, competitor monitoring, social media and website monitoring, ad monitoring. With our whitelabel reports, you can impress your clients and decrease your tool costs.


Here is what your agency gets with Competitors App

Decrease the cost of tools

You are committed to providing value to your clients, but juggling multiple tools can be costly and time-consuming. Competitors App combines all essential monitoring features into one platform, saving you money and increasing productivity, all at the cost of a typical SEO or social media tool. We track every channel, from SEO to social media and ads to brand mentions.

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Whitelabel reports with your branding

You know how important reporting is to building trust with your clients. Nonetheless you are stuck in doing manual reports and putting slides together once a month. Our white-label reports help you keep your clients informed about their channel performance automatically so that you can focus on what you do best – offering a great service.

Automatic Emails with Competitor Updates

Your clients rely on timely updates to stay informed. Competitors App provides automatic email reports, fully branded with your agency’s identity. This keeps your clients engaged and demonstrates that you are keeping an eye on their competitors. 

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Less pressure in proving ROI

As an agency, you do an amazing job, but proving it to clients can be challenging. With Competitors App, you can instantly show the impact of your marketing activities compared to competitors. This helps you put your client into comparison with their direct competitors instead of general industry numbers.

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More data, Better Marketing

Having your data in silo between different platforms doesn’t allow you to fully understand which channels are the most or least effective in your client’s market. For example, e-commerce stores might be affected by competitor newsletters, or a business in the software industry might be missing on Instagram content. Competitors App gives you the full overview that you always aspired for.

Start small, grow at your own pace

In comparison with other tools, that start from a really expensive pricing point, Competitors App allows users to start from literally $19.90/month to get all the functionality for their brand and their competitors.


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Competitors App helps me monitor and analyse my competition. As a marketer, you have to be efficient and always ready to improve your business and your clients’ marketing plans. The data about my competitors’ moves, coming regularly into my inbox, saves me time and help me strategise better

Alina Axane, Marketing Consultant