Day: January 4, 2021

Five Ways Your Competitor Is Using Instant Messaging Options to Improve Their Customer Success

Five Ways Your Competitor Is Using Instant Messaging Options to Improve Their Customer Success

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If there is anything that’s become apparent in 2020, it’s the fact that customers are demanding more in terms of ease of purchase, speed of delivery, and personalized communication. Businesses (including your competitors) that take advantage of this knowledge by positioning themselves appropriately to cater to these needs, will keep their cash flow steady and customer success high.

What contributes to customer success?

To understand how to achieve good customer success, it’s imperative to know the factors that contribute to it. They are as follows:

  • Good customer service
  • Good communication channels
  • Speedy delivery or service times
  • Good brand reputation
  • Continued support after product purchase

Communication is the thread that holds all these together. For these factors to work, communication must be timely, specific, efficient, and accurate, and good communication is aided by the right communication tools. In this article, we will focus on instant messaging as a veritable means of communication, with examples of how your competition is using it—especially in a time when most people want communication that is timely and responsive.

Monthly instant messaging usage worldwide via Statista


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