Monitor all your competitors'
marketing moves


It takes only 5 minutes a week
to monitor your competitor's marketing changes

Get email updates whenever a competitor is taking significant action.

I spend 5 minutes a week to read the reports about my competition, and I get updated with all the website, social media and keyword changes by them. What a solution! I’d recommend everyone to get it. This app is the best in the market.

Aazar Ali Shad, CEO

Competitors App monitors all marketing channels using AI

Trial Emails & Newsletter

Get every email that your competition is sending. Learn everything about new promotions, new features, onboarding journeys. See how they educate and convert their leads.

Blog & Social Media

Stay up to date with your competitors’ blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Tik Tok. Know when they write and what is their most effective posts.

Website changes & SEO

Monitor competitor website changes and learn their strategy, an improvement to their site, or a change to their pricing strategy. See their newest pages and discover new case studies, feature announcements, or their newest content like webinars and blogs.

Keywords & Ads

Search engine keyword rankings are a good metric of how you compare yourself with your competitors and see how you stand and grow.

Reviews & AI insights

Monitor your competitors’ reviews from 100+ review websites. Use our AI Summaries to draw insights and identify competitive positioning or to generate sales battle cards.


Monitor your competitors’ traffic and compare it to your traffic. Identify seasonal changes and get historical data on their growth. Connect traffic increases with marketing activities to find what’s causing traffic increases.

Social & PR Mentions

Ever wondered what customers are saying about your brand or your competitors? Our social media mentions allow you to monitor your competitors and what people say on social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn. PR Mentions allow you to see latest news or partnerships of your competitors.

Monitor competitors change on our website and in your email icon email

Competitors App helps me monitor and analyse my competition. As a marketer, you have to be efficient and always ready to improve your business and your clients’ marketing plans. The data about my competitors’ moves, coming regularly into my inbox, saves me time and help me strategise better

Alina Axane, Marketing Consultant

Pricing: Flexible and affordable

Add and remove as many competitors as you like to monitor, anytime.
The plan will adapt automatically to your usage, every month.


/competitor /month

We also have plans for agencies and custom plans, with multi-user and white-labeling.

We have chosen Competitors App to be part of our program, out of 230 other international startups. A great idea, efficient implementation and an experienced founder. It will be great to help them accelerate.

Jenny Sandberg, Program manager

How to use competitors data from each marketing channel

We've written a series of guides to present our features and how can it help you to improve your marketing strategy based on your competitors' data.

Monitor Competitor Website Changes

Get alerted when your competitors are making changes to their website.

Find Competitor Keywords for SEO

Finding your competitors' keywords is essential for your business. It means that you focus your entire website on targeting high volume, quality keywords.

Track Social Media Changes

Social media competitive analysis is the constant monitoring and analyzing the moves of your competition on social media.

Competitor Email Monitoring

Tracking your competitors’ emails takes some time, but it’s well worth it!

Recent competitors articles from our blog

We often research and write relevant articles on how to deal with your competitors. Read if you want to stay competitive in business.

Competitors App provides the edge we need to stay focused on not just the daily regulatory news but also what our competitors are doing. The tool is extremely easy to setup and support has been excellent. I would be very happy to recommend Competitors App to anyone looking to stay ahead of their game and their competitors.

Simon Rowe, Co-founder, Share Talk